I designed Cardslinger with focus on making a character, from start to finish, for a top-down RPG with hand-painted textures.
- Concept, modelling, texturing, rigging and animating!

N c sas cardslinger coolpose2

Cardslinger Slingin' cards in his full glory

N c sas cardslinger coolpose
N c sas cardslingerfrontsiterun
N c sas cardslingertopdown

I animated this run cycle for him, making sure it was readable from all angles - but especially in a top-down perspective.

N c sas wirefrontbackcardslinger
N c sas cardslingerconcep2

I started with the idea of a "Cardslinger", - in my mind a blend of a wild west gunslinger and a scruffy poker player.
I decided to incorporate the diamond symbol a lot in his design, to get some cool shapes that are related to playing cards!

N c sas cardslignercolor

Some concepts for his color scheme - i had both playing cards and the wild west in mind when making these.

N c sas cardslingersideref

I build the model in Maya, using these reference planes as a guide!

N c sas cardslingerupperbodyg

I made a rig for him with both FK and IK controls + blends.

N c sas cardslingerleggifs2
N c sas cardslingerleggif
N c sas cardslingerhandgif
N c sas cardslingerfootcontrol
N c sas cardslingerfacecont

I can even animate parts of his face, and change his eyes! I didn't put too many controls in the face though, as he is intended to be viewed in a top-down perspective.

N c sas cardslingerportfoliofronpreview