Defeat the gods of Valhalla in AESIRBANE - a shoot 'em up made in 8 weeks half time by a team of 9 students
5 programmers
| Jacob Reimer - Jesper Teodorsson - Niklas Utterbäck - Sebastian Fransson - Patrik k. Hansson |
2 Level designers
| Joshua Christiansen - John Behrens |
2 Artists
| Henrik Giang - Nina Sas |

My main responsibilities was to create the characters, concept, animation, along with cutscenes.


I started with concepting some simple colors and silhouettes for the background of the levels,
as well as exploring designs that would match our theme of "Sci-Fi vikings"



The first enemy i designed was Freya, the goddess of love!
After consulting the team we decided to go for the queenly yet welcoming design of Freya #4 
When working on Heimdall i figured a simpler style for the concepts would translate better to pixel art!


 A collection of the boss animations, animated portraits and cutscenes i made for the game