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General / 31 January 2021

🎵 BeatTrip is a platformer where your every action is recorded onto an 8-step beat bar! 🎵

It was made for the 48 hour GMTK jam, with the theme "Out of Control ".

check it out here:
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After some hours of coming up with ideas, we settled with a music based gameplay, where a bar records your actions.
I thought it would be cool to have an art style that would fit the theme, and I had a bit of time to think of ideas, so I went to work:

the super quick mock-ups and some inspiration gathering

Is there art styles that represent music? it's a fun thought, since music and art doesn't - in theory - need to have a lot to do with each other,
but different cultural movements have brought the arts together, and we now think of 60's soul music with special images in mind!
I looked at some different decades, genres and their respective art styles, and talked with my teammate in charge of music.
Some of the styles would have been a bit too hard to do musically in such a short amount of time, and we thought it was better to keep it a bit more open at the time.

Another place where music and art is tied together is in concert posters! They often have a whole style of their own, both needing to convey a message through text, and giving a feel of what you are going to be hearing at the club tonight.
I started looking into different poster designs, which had a lot of cool and inspiring ideas. 

we of course didn't have too much time to use on art exploration, but I did some quick sketches and decided on a style with the team!
An important part of making art for a game jam is of course that it can't be too detailed or complex,
and this modern poster style with many stamped and copied symbols together with a very simple colour scheme was a perfect fit for that! 

and now it was just about churning pieces out! 

At the last hours I quickly drew our character with more details to use for some of the images we would put up on the jam site.
It's a cheap trick but with a jam with 5300 entries it helps a bit to have something to catch the eye of the people browsing through :D
A mantra I like is: Come for the art, Stay for the gameplay! 

You can play the game at our page :

i worked on BeatTrip together with:

Anton Pilmark, Game design, Code, Music -

Melker Berg, Technical Animator, inter alia -

Joshua Christiansen, Game design, Code -



In Parasite you have to carefully balance your corruption as every move consumes and empowers you.
you will gain corruption by killing demons, but Dashing, Shooting and even moving drains it!

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The theme for this game jam was "only one", we decided to go with a gameplay where you only had one resource for everything you did.
I was a bit opposed to making a 3D game in the start, as it takes a lot more time than doing it 2D art wise, and we did only have 48 hours.
My teammates thought the gameplay would work better 3D, so i decided to take on the challenge. 

I thought about how to make a 3D environment the fastest way, and decided to do simple shapes without textures, and then do a cool cartoony shader- i had wanted to work a bit more with unity's shader graphs, since it was very new, but had received a few updates since i last checked it out. The enemies and items would be done in 2D and then billboarded towards the player, since it would have taken too much time doing several different enemies with animations in 3D. This would also communicate to the player that everything you could interact with would be in 2d, which worked well!  

I had a lot of troubles with the shader, since the new updates to shadergraph had made it more unstable, and we had to settle for something simpler than anticipated, since there weren't much time to troubleshoot. I settled for a simply toon shader with some texture in the mid-shadows. 

I ended up trying to make everything look a bit better with some rather extreme colour grading. Given the demonic setting of our choosing, it did still work. 

I felt that I learned during this gamejam not to rely too much on tools that you might have trouble using, rather have the main pieces be something you know very well, and experiment with less important parts. I still think a game jam is a perfect place to learn new tools though, so it's a fine balance. The 3D workflow for such a short amount of time also proved some complications for the team. 

I still felt i learned a lot during this project, and i feel much more confident tackling a 3D Jam in the future! I think it would have proven useful to put a bit more time on style and exploration (which i did in my next jam).
Putting down a bit more time in the start to make sure how everything should look, makes it easier to churn out content when you are done with that step. You won't get stuck using unexpected time on tackling art problems - or at least, you will know how to quickly solve them!

I worked on Parasite together with:

Game Design and Scripting by Joshua Christiansen : 

Level Design and Game Design by Anton Pilmark : 

You can play parasite here: 


🦇 Captain Dracula 🦇

Dracula is flying across the bloody seas again and his ship is not holding up well.
It's up to you and your friend, the Dracula's henchmen, to control the ship while simultaneously repairing it. 

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For this jam i worked together with the wonderful Koni on the art! : , which all of a sudden gave me a lot of extra time! I mostly worked on the splashes and the direction, with Koni doing all he sprites and animation. 

This was a very fun jam, and the general feeling was that we wanted to do something a bit fun and wacky with the jam theme "Repair".
We ended up with the idea of Captain Dracula flying the bloody skies in his airship, with 2 players as his ghouls constantly trying to repair the breaking ship. As the Jam was an On-Site event, it was a great opportunity to make co-op games, as you don't get that chance with online jams.

It was a fun opportunity working together with another artist
- we had to make sure our styles matched, and decided to go with pixel art for that purpose!
For the in-game view itself, we decided on a more detailed left part where you as the player would move around and control the ship; on the right would be a view of your surroundings. It fitted well with both having the right view less detailed, as to not take too much attention from the player, and making it in shades of red - it gives it a kind of "radar" feel, but more bloody.

Sometimes it's nice to just do something in your comfort zone, and this definitely was one of those jams. We had a nice small scope, and we quickly decided on a style and mood to go for, so everything went smoothly.

You can find the game here:

I worked together with:

Art & Animation - Conny Nordlund 

Sound Design & Music - Dominic Ninmark

Programming - Mikkel Bybjerg